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About Us ...

"Seriosity, promptitude, professionalism

and something else: true partnership.”

MILKPACT has been established in 1994 as a Romanian-Dutch joint venture with privately owned capital. The idea behind this investment was a niche product at first appearance by that time on the Romanian market: the chocolate glaze used in the production of the ice cream bars. The activity has been inaugurated in April 1995, when the first quantity of chocolate glaze was delivered to an ice cream factory in Romania. In the following years, the company has diversified its production. In addition to the chocolate glazes for ice cream, belonging to the so called “Icepact” range, a large number of new items have been developed for the confectionery industry and the production of sweets, like the “Patipact” coatings, compounds and chocolates, as well as the “Paticrem” range of spreads. The constant increase in sales required an adequate expansion of production capacity and in 2006 the company's business was relocated to a new industrial construction, built in Livezeni, Mures County.

The new  Milkpact factory, through the use of modern construction solutions, has optimized the technological flow and introduced efficient quality control methods and productivity improvements, while providing flexibility to deliver a wide range of products. The factory building includes production areas, freezers, production facilities, offices, sanitary facilities, etc. on a total area of 1600 sqm with a total annual capacity of 2500 tons of finished product. The production takes place in areas well-suited to food industry activities and in accordance with national and international legislation on food hygiene and safety.


Realized with modern technology and with the strict application of the principles of quality management and HACCP, the Milkpact products are designed to meet the needs and demands of an ever-growing market. In order to cope with a growing competition, to expand the product base and to penetrate additional market segments, new product categories have been developed almost every year, such as fruit glazes for ice cream, cocoa compounds for biscuits and wafers, chocolate candy covers, white glaze for ice cream with exotic flavors, cocoa and white coatings for confectionery and pastries, spread creams with cocoa, peanuts and hazelnuts, bake-resistant creams and, finally, the queen product of the confectionery industry: the chocolate. All of these products were created on basis of state-of-the art recipes, tested in the laboratory, made with selected raw materials, and ultimately confirmed by the most important practical criteria: the customers' opinion.


In the philosophy of the company, an important place is dedicated to "small" customers, that is to say hundreds of confectionery and bakery laboratories, bakeries and similar establishments which are using the Milkpact products all over the country. For the best connection with these costumers, the company has established a distribution network, combining the collaboration with national or zonal distributors with its own distribution system, which is using medium capacity vans. Through this network, which has been operating for years, 700-800 tons of products are distributed annually over a geographic area that covers almost all of Romania.


Of course, the "big" customers, meaning ice-cream factories, wafers and biscuits, candy makers, etc., have their place in the heart of the Milkpact business. The sales of our products to these industrial customers is done by the sales department and is an important segment of the total business. In order to ensure the success of the products in this category, in cooperation with our partners, appropriate recipes were developed for each product.


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An important aspect of the business remains the constant care for the efficiency of the business. The key factor in this respect, besides the application of modern technologies, remains the involvement and integration of the employees in the process of achieving an annually turnover of over 1.5 million Euro and the sales of 1000 tons of products. The company, in order to achieve the best possible climate for the activity, has a permanent concern, care and respect for the personal interests and problems of the employees. As a result of the assumed financial and fiscal principles, Milkpact does not have any outstanding debt to the state or the social security network systems and has a healthy financial flow that allows it to pay all the obligations on time.


In order to ensure the proper quality of the products and to eliminate the occurrence of nonconformities in the production, the company has implemented and certified in the use of HACCP and ISO 22000 systems. Also, in the course of its activities, the company promotes a pro-ecological attitude and the application of the principles of social responsibility.


According to our estimates, Milkpact has a share of about 10% of the market for coatings and glazes for confectionery, biscuits and waffles. In addition, with the resources provided and the ability to adapt to changes in the food industry, the entire Milkpact team is making a steady and inventive effort to conquer the largest share of the sweets market and to deliver the best products to each partner.


Therefore, without fear of mistake, we invite with respect, all users of coatings, glazes and creams from Romania to try the "sweet" taste of the true partnership with Milkpact.


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